PIT Survey Indicates a 92% Increase in Individuals Experiencing Homelessness in 2 Years
Numbers identify a failure in solutions from January 2015 – January 2017.

The Butte County Continuum of Care Annual Meeting is currently underway in the Chico City Council Chambers. The biennial Point In Time Survey has just been released. The Point In Time report surveys individuals experiencing homelessness throughout Butte County.  The full report can be accessed here: 2017 Butte PIT Community Report – Final

A few tidbits from the report:

*** 1,983 individuals experiencing homelessness were part of 1,583 households, 85% of which were made up of adults, 8% family households, and 6% households of minor unaccompanied youth. These numbers are not duplicates and are conservatively recognized as a low number representing individuals experiencing homelessness (read: the figures are recognized as considerably lower than the actual numbers).

*** Chico had the highest count at 1,096 individuals – a 92% increase since the last two-year PIT in January 2015.

*** Oroville had the second highest count at 713 people – an 83% increase since the last two-year PIT in January 2015.

*** More than 75% of the adults and unaccompanied youth had lived in Butte County for more than three years, and more than 50% had lived in the country for over 10 years.

*** Almost 80% were living in Butte County when they became homeless and nearly 90% confirmed that Butte County is their home. Those not originally from Butte County moved to the county for reasons analogous to those NOT in a homeless situation, such as family, college, quality of life, job opportunities, etc.

*** Chico’s biennial (January) counts are as follows:

2009 = 668

2011 = 1043

2013 = 804

2015 = 571

2017 = 1096
*** Males represent 62.5% and females 36.6%. There were 4 are transgender and 5 not identifying as male, female, or transgender.

Continuum of Care Chico City Council Appointee Reanette Fillmer curiously absent.

These figures are embarrassing and appalling and represent a failure in action from January 2015 to January 2017.


Randall Stone, MPA

Councilmember, City of Chico

Chair, Greater Chico Homeless Task Force

President, Sacramento Valley Division – League of California Cities

President, Shalom Free Clinic

Member – Housing, Community, and Economic Development Committee – League of CA Cities

Member – Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations – League of California Cities

Founder, Nextdoor Sunset Neighborhood