Chico City Councilmember and President of the League of California Cities Sacramento Valley Division Randall Stone has been appointed to two pivotal committees on municipal governance with the League of California Cities.  Previously Stone was appointed to the Housing, Community, Economic Development Committee where he served with approximately 25 other state leaders to shape local and state policy as well as lobby for local control for cities.  He was reappointed to this influential committee for the next year.

The Housing, Community and Economic Development (HCED) Policy Committee reviews issues related to general plans and zoning, housing, rent control, Subdivision Map Act, residential care facilities, other land use regulation, development fees including school fee adequacy, annexation and incorporation policy, development agreements, building standards including seismic safety standards, economic development policy including redevelopment and enterprise zones, military base closure and reuse, mobile home regulation, and sign regulation. The principle behind the policies reviewed by this Committee is to foster local control of community planning decisions as they relate to land use and economic development.

Additionally Councilmember Stone was recently appointed to the Governance, Transparency, and Labor Relations Committee of the League of California Cities.  The Governance, Transparency and Labor Relations Policy Committee reviews state legislation as it relates to transparency, technology (open data), healthcare, elections and political reform. Additionally, the committee oversees pension and workers compensation reform as well as other labor related issues.

These two committees meet for two days at a time in January, March, June, and September throughout the state of California in addition to the work conducted outside of these meeting times.  Councilmember Stone personally provides funding to attend these meetings and events.
In 2016, Councilmember Stone was elected as President of the Sacramento Valley Division of the League of California Cities.  The Sacramento Valley Division is the largest division of the League and includes 57 cities in 18 counties and provides members with the opportunity to exchange ideas and information and share the advantages of cooperative advocacy.  The Division stretches from Galt north, Oregon south, Nevada east, and the Coastal Range west.  The division is guided by an executive committee under the leadership of Division President Stone.  Elected city officials and professional city staff attend division meetings throughout the year to share what they are doing and advocate for their interests in Sacramento.


Division members also participate in the development of League policy through representation on: The League board of directors; Policy committees; The Annual Conference Resolution Committee; and The Annual Conference Program Committee.