Councilmember Randall Stone, together with the Chico Police Department, addresses community members in the Downtown Plaza Park.

So far, Councilmember Randall Stone has been the one who has made the motion to move forward with each of the two Police Staffing Plans (2014 and now 2017). We need the officers and the Chief of Police is doing an excellent job of addressing our community’s needs. This hasn’t always been the case for Police Chiefs. Chief Dunbaugh set the stage and teed up for current Chief O’Brien. Stone says he cannot speak more positively about Chief O’Brien and his efforts. Not everyone or everything is perfect. But when it comes to chiefs, O’Brien has this community’s back. More importantly he is genuinely responsive to our residents and community members. He deserves a fully staffed police department.

“Councilor Randall Stone said committing to the plan was a “no-brainer” (as he made the motion for Council to approve the Chief’s Staffing Plan). He proposed the city approve the plan and direct staff to find budget money for those officers. It passed unanimously.

(With regard to homelessness, Councilmember Randall) Stone, Greater Chico Homeless Task Force Chair (and President of the Shalom Free Clinic, as well as Committee Member of the League of California Cities Housing, Community, and Economic Development Committee), said he was in support of quarterly educational presentations (to Council to work on Chico’s vagrancy problems).”